Danish design

At Duus & Møller we are proud to be able to supply Danish made furniture to the entire world. At the same time, we believe that furniture is made to be used – even when it is a beautiful piece of designer furniture. This is also why we design our furniture, in collaboration with the architects Kamp & Volf, with quality and sustainability in mind, so that we make sure that our customers get to use their designer furniture for many years to come.


Our furniture is constructed with great inspiration from classic, Danish design. This is done through minimalistic models, good craftsmanship and with a respect for the materials. The furniture is timeless and are therefore easy to match with the changing tendencies in home décor. The long life-span for our furniture is thereby a part of ensuring sustainability within the furniture industry, which is highly valued at Duus & Møller. Sustainability was, at the same time, a big factor when deciding to produce all of our furniture in Denmark.

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