Wood from FSC Certified Suppliers

We put a lot of effort into selecting the right wood for our production. We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is important to us that all of our pieces of furniture are made in solid, quality wood so that it maintains its impressive look for its entire life span. Secondly, we wish to promote sustainability and care in the Danish furniture industry. We do this by exclusively using wood from FSC certified suppliers and by making sure to arrange the production so that we minimize waste of the materials. Most of our wood is from Europe, which means that it is subjected to European regulations of sustainable forestry, which we wish to support.


Wood is a natural material. This means that it continuously works depending on the humidity of the atmosphere in the room, that the wood is placed in. Our furniture has been dehumidified to a humidity level of approximately 8%. This corresponds with an atmospheric humidity level of 40-60%, which we would normally experience in a room temperature of approximately 20° C. 

Natural materials like wood will vary in its structure which means that each piece of furniture will have a unique look. To get the full potential durability of your furniture from Duus & Møller, please ensure to care for and maintain the solid wood several times a year – Read more.


Our Standard Assortment of Wood


Oak wood is a very strong and solid type of wood and it ensures a lively and decorative look. Oak wood furniture is for that reason the Danes’ favorite type of wood, when choosing a Scandinavian décor.



Ash wood has the same strength as oakwood but is at the same time very flexible and hard. Ash wood furniture has an easy and bright expression.



Walnut wood is likewise a very strong type of wood. The unique part about furniture made in walnut wood is the great impact strength, that surpasses both oak - and ash wood furniture. The dark Walnut wood also has a more characteristic look – beautiful, elegant and tenable at the same time.


Solid Wood Veneer

On a few surfaces, solid wood veneer is used.

Veneer is thin slices of wood that has been cut, peeled or sawn out of logs of wood. We use tangent-sawn veneer for surfaces that has plywood as its core material.

Do you want a different type of wood for your furniture?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request. We will make sure to find a good solution for you.


Wood Treatments

We offer three different types of surface treatments for our furniture – natural oil, white oil and soap treatment.


Natual Oil

The furniture is processed with a ground oil that saturates the wood. Hereafter, the wood is coated with an oil containing bee wax. A furniture that has been processed with natural oil has a beautiful natural feel and a durable finish.  


White Oil

To saturate the wood, it is first processed with a ground oil. The wood is then coated with an oil with a deep white pigmentation. White pigmented furniture has a bright expression and a durable finish.


Soap Treatment

The Furniture is processed with a soap solution containing water and soap flakes with 80% grease and is free from perfume and optical white. It gives the furniture a saturated surface and is easy to maintain. Soap treatment has a natural look and a soft feel to it.  



Leather is a strong natural material that eventually will have a different look. Leather is, like wood, a living material. This means that when used, leather will obtain natural folds and patina. At Duus & Møller we believe that this is one of the great advantages of leather furniture, as the material gives the furniture a unique and characteristic look.

For our production, we use both aniline and semi-aniline leather.


Aniline Leather

Aniline leather is a type of leather that feels like raw leather which makes the material quite soft and gives it natural feel. We use top quality rawhides that has been produced in Europe, to ensure a beautiful finish for the furniture. Aniline leather is unprocessed. Because of this, insect bites and scars might occur which is why there is a need for a high standard sorting.

Aniline leather is a very comfortable and soft leather to sit on, but, is at the same time quite receptive in terms of impact of use, because of its unprocessed surface. Furniture with aniline leather will, because of this, get heavy patina and become darker by time.


If you choose aniline leather, you get a unique looking piece of furniture. We recommend this type of leather for customers who desire an authentic and natural look, and, those who wish a comfortable feel, rather than practical use, for the furniture.  


Semi Aniline Leather

Semi aniline leather is more resistant than aniline leather. A semi aniline leather quality has been lightly surface treated which protects the leather slightly against dirt and other impact from use. Semi aniline leather does therefore not get that same patina as aniline leather. Our semi aniline leather still has a natural look and a soft feel to it.


Because of the strong finish, we recommend semi aniline leather for both private homes and for the contract market.



Sustainable Fabric


This type of fabric primarily consists of reused material and has been Greenguard certified. Merit has a rich texture and depth of color which gives your furniture, with fabric, an impressive look. The sustainable fabric does, at the same time, have a soft feel which makes it perfect for furniture upholstery.


Composition: 76% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR), 24% Polyester

Durability: 85,000 Martindale

Pilling: 4

Light Fastness: 7

Sustainability: Greenguard certification



All fabrics from KVADRAT and GABRIEL are available.