Good quality, craftsmanship and Danish production were the key principles that Duus & Møller was founded upon, and it is our ambition to keep working by that mantra. Our passion for Danish craftsmanship is rooted in traditions and a guiding principle to increase the sustainability of the furniture. This is why we collaborate with competent architects and combine Danish craft traditions with new ideas from young, talented cabinetmakers. This is to push the limits for the future’s furniture production in Denmark, without compromising our core values.


Local Initiatives

In Duus & Møller, we want to ensure that Danish craftsmanship lives on and that more youths get inspired to seek towards creativity. This is why we have entered a cooperation with a local school where the children can come and visit our joinery to learn about the joinery profession as well as to experience the process of raw material becoming a functional piece of furniture. We happily collaborate with locals like this. So, if you have an idea or an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.