The team


Hanne Møller Andreasen

CEO, Founder

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs so, thinking outside of the box, as well as taking up challenges to show the world what I can do, is not a new concept for me. This is also why it was clear from the beginning that I would become an entrepreneur myself. This would be to engage people in my world that takes the point of departure in passion for furniture, design, materials of good quality, and thought-through details.


Through the years, I have built up broad experience in the production of furniture and the sales process - nationally as well as on the international market. All these experiences have been some of the cornerstones for the creation of Duus & Møller.

Tim Duus Jacobsen


Medal-receiving, fully qualified Cabinetmaker from Aksel Kjersgaard and Risskov Møbelsnedkeri.


To work with living material can be challenging. However, for me, it is exactly what makes me love my profession. As a cabinetmaker at Duus & Møller my prominent task is to utilize the entire potential of the quality materials and to create the furniture in an innovative way, however, still, with the traditional craftsmanship in mind.

For me, joinery is not only an industry, but a lifestyle. I am inspired by the beauty and elegance I find in the Scandinavian nature, which I try to extend into our furniture by the use of creative solutions and a focus on sustainability. 

Kamp & Volf

Business partner

Anne Kamp and Mette Volf are the architects in Kamp & Volf, a drawing office located in Aarhus, Denmark. Kamp & Volf entered the Danish design scene in the late 1990’s where they, amongst other things, challenged traditional Danish design with their mobile kitchen made with silky concrete and a reinterpretation of the secretary ‘Et hjem for en tanke’ (red.).

Their work and innovative solutions was recognized by the support from the Danish Arts Foundation as well as by receiving awards from the biggest housing magazine in Denmark, ‘Bo Bedre’. After some successful years with a big workload, the two architects chose to reduce their amount of work and focus on more personal dreams.


Today, Anne runs the drawing office Kamp Design and Mette teaches at the Aarhus School of Architecture, where she leads the new initiative, Didactive Laboratory. The two of them together still have the drawing office Kamp & Volf, who we are pleased to have entered a collaboration with. The architect duo contributes to Duus & Møller by introducing their visionary ambitions for Danish sustainable design. They will be designing furniture for Duus & Møller both individually and collaboratively.